The complete guide to installing Fedora on a Headless Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 (no keyboard, monitor, or serial cable needed)

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An easy guide to installing, configuring, and running Zeek IDS automatically on your Mac

Vector by Vecteezy

Installing Zeek


  • Xcode or the Command Line Tools. To check if either is installed run:
xcode-select -p


brew install zeek


Remove the noise and send Auditbeat logs to its own directory: /var/log/auditbeat

Image by rawpixel (CC0).

The problem

Tested Environment

The fix

  1. Remove the parameter…

Gaining insights from macOS system metrics collected by macstat: a custom Bash shell script

iMac vector by Vecteezy, graph icon by Flaticon.

The complete and painless guide to making syslog-ng work on Mac

MacBook Pro vector by Vecteezy


  • Awesome tune.
  • Officially released this year.
  • One track per band/artist.

Roberto Meléndez

Tech Support Engineer @devo_Inc | syslog-ng Contributor | New music hunter | Tech problem solver | Taco Expert. 🔗

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